We carry a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Below is a listing of items you might find when you visit our produce aisle.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.  By pairing these fresh ingredients with one of our unique sauces, the possibilities are endless.

Due to increased demand, our fresh produce trucks now arrive twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays.  Shop early for the best selection.

Fresh Vegetables and Roots


•Arrow Root •Chives •Green Bean •Opo Squash •Ta Gao
•Bean Sprouts •Choy Sum •Green Pepper •Pickle •Taiwanese Cabbage
•Bitter Melon •Cilantro •Jalapeno •Potatoes •Taiwanese Spinach
•Broccoli •Cucumber •Jicama •Purple Yam •Taro
•Cabbage •Daikon •Kabocha •Shallots •Thai Chili
•Carrots •Edamame •Kohlrabi •Shanghai Bok Choy •Tomatoes
•Chayote •Fresh Mushroom •Long squash •Shanghai cai xin •Water Chestnut
•Chinese Celery •Gai Choy •Lotus Root •Shitake Mushroom •Watercress
•Chinese Eggplant •Gailan •Moqua •Snow Pea •Winter Bamboo Shoot
•Chinese leek •Galanga •Napa •Snow Pea Tips •Wintermelon
•Chinese Long Bean •Garland Chrysanthemum •Ong Choy •Soy Bean Sprouts •Yucca
•Chive Flowers •Ginger •Onions •Spinach •Zucchini


Exotic Asian Fruits

•Avocado •Durian •Korean Chestnuts •Oranges •Soursop
•Baby Banana •Fuji Apples •Korean Melon •Papaya •Star Fruit
•Black Grape •Grapefruit •Korean Pear •Persimmon •Tamarind
•Cactus Pear •Guava •Kaffir Lime •Pineapple •Watermelon
•Cantaloupe •Jackfruit •Lemon •Plantain •White Peaches
•Cherimoya •Jujube •Longan •Pomelo •Yali Pears
•Dragon Fruit •Kent Mango •Lychee •Rambutan •Young Coconuts
•Dry Coconuts •Kiwi •Mangosteen •Sapote
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